TGP Cymru branding


Tros Gynnal Plant are a long-established children’s charity operating throughout Wales, offering various services in each area. For a long time, each service area created their own marketing materials and each had their own ideas on how the Tros Gynnal brand should be presented.

The charity’s head office decided it was time to take control and get a tighter grip on the organisation’s brand. It was determined a full re-brand was in order, including a slight rename to TGP Cymru, and UGD were brought in to handle the process.

The charity had a clear image of what was required and after a number of meetings, we began to develop visuals for the new logo and accompanying materials, such as leaflets, banners and stationery, and later on a new website.

Here you can see some of the development process of how a logo is created, tweaked and finalised, along with how the brand as a whole comes together off the back of it.

The result is a much improved brand for the charity, tighter control over how the organisation appears through each service area by use of templates and guidelines, and a renewed vigour for the whole organisation.