Reach Guide for Guides booklet design


The Reach Guide for Guides is a reference pack for tourism businesses and tour guides looking to explore rural Bridgend.

The guide offers local information on places to go and things to do, walks and trails, stories, legends and lore, and points of interest. It covers the whole of Bridgend and is a very useful tool for guides looking to organise explorations and days out. It includes reference maps, guides on distance and estimated times for each landmark or point of interest, and even pre-planned tours for guides to use.

UGD were asked to design the booklet in conjunction with the guide’s writers, and, using the Reach corporate guidelines, developed a format for each area in the county. The guide is not only very useful, but thanks to UGD it is also visually stunning and easy to navigate. UGD created a set of icons for quick referencing and colour co-ordinated each different section of activities. The guide was also produced in Welsh.