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Jan 20, 2016   //   UGD Talk


We know that starting a new business can be very costly, and that some great business ideas may not even see the light of day because of start-up costs.

That is why we are offering our new Website Payment Plan, which gives businesses the option of paying for their website in monthly instalments rather than one, big, up-front cost.

Our Plans are flexible and can offer you the chance to pay for your website as your new business grows. We understand that each website and business is unique, so each plan will also be tailored to your individual needs, and we will need as much information from you as possible to create your plan.

Here is a simple overview of how a plan could work for you:

  1. Contact UGD to discuss your business and website idea – we can arrange a meeting at our office or you can email a detailed brief of what you need your website to do.
  2. UGD provides a quotation – after discussing the brief, UGD will provide a quotation and a payment plan proposal.
  3. Deposit and payment plan set up – once agreed, the payment plan will be set up and agreed by both parties and a small deposit will be paid for UGD to commence work on the website.
  4. UGD build the website – having agreed a payment plan and the website specification, UGD will proceed to design and develop your website within the agreed timeframe.
  5. Website goes live – UGD complete the web build and your site is live for the world to see. Your business is now ready to thrive!
  6. End of payment plan – after your final payment has been collected, all copyright and ownership of the website will be transferred to you, subject to T&Cs.

Example websites

Below is a small selection of websites that we have developed and/or designed:

Contact us

For more information, to request a quotation or to send a detailed brief about your project, please e-mail or complete the below form and we will be happy to discuss your project.

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Terms & conditions

  • UGD reserve the right to withdraw the offer at any time;
  • UGD may conduct credit check searches prior to a payment plan being agreed;
  • A payment plan agreement will be drawn up and signed prior to any work commencing;
  • A deposit will be required before work commences, this will be determined during the payment plan agreement being completed;
  • UGD will hold all copyright to the artwork and supporting files until the payment plan is complete, where copyright will be handed over to the client;
  • The website, or part of the website may be developed in conjunction with other developers and any bespoke modules may be subject to separate copyrights;
  • All websites developed as part of this offer must be hosted by UGD during the duration of the payment plan.
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