Stationery design in South Wales that helps create the perfect first impression

Nothing says “I’m an important businessman”, quite like customised business stationery. We all loved the timeless card game Top Trumps when we were young didn’t we? Yeah, course you did.

Well imagine playing business card Top Trumps against your sworn business enemies with a business card designed by UGD. So the arrogant Dave who owns the car lot thinks he can beat your business card on overall look and feel: he will literally turn to dust before your very eyes when you reveal United Graphic Design’s handy work. Ok, Gerry with the property development firm fancies his chances against you on use of colour and graphics: SMASH! Gerry will desperately scramble to claw his own eyes out so he’s not exposed to the kaleidoscopic beauty of your business card for a second more. Simply speaking, our stationery designs are unique, top notch and would win any game of business card Top Trumps.

Stationery design in Wales; much more than just business cards

Stationery is undoubtedly one of the most visible aspects of any business. Whether its letterheads, compliment slips, invoices or folders, we will help you create a first impression your customers and clients will not be able to forget. It’s important to have business stationery which creates a consistent look and feel and creates a solid impression. Here at UGD we recoil in horror when we see some of the business stationery doing the rounds. Sometimes we gag. At the very least it leaves us wondering if the business is reliable, or if they’re some fly-by-the-night harpies just out to make a quick buck.

In contrast, our stationery design will help to form a lasting impression in minds of employees, business partners and customers. They’ll not only remember you, they’ll also recognise your business as being a reputable firm they can trust, and an all round pleasure to do business with.

To speak to UGD regarding stationery design in South Wales, or for a quote on our business card design service, call us on 01656 660877 now or email:

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