Newsletter design to help lighten your corporate message

UGD are a team of graphic designers that offer you striking and original corporate newsletter designs for both print distribution and electronic mail. A newsletter will consist of many features, whether it’s news articles, logos, pictures or text and combining these elements into something interesting and informative takes specialist skills.

The design is crucial to the way your readers will feel about your newsletter. If your newsletter has a professional and easy to read look and feel, your readers will be able to easily soak up the information and read it at their leisure. On the other hand, if your newsletter is poorly designed and confusing, not only will the information not be read, the image and credibility of your business will also be damaged in the process.

Bilingual newsletter design in South Wales

Whatever the language, as long as it’s English or Welsh, we can design the perfect newsletter for you.  To be able to offer a bilingual newsletter design is a service which is all too rare considering the importance of the Welsh language to the Welsh people. Here at UGD, we have bona fide linguists amongst us who are bastions of the Welsh culture. And what’s more, they have just the same eye for design in Welsh as they do in English; fantastic news.

We are proud to be able to communicate to your customers in Welsh and offer a far more personalised newsletter design service, better targeting your products and services to an audience who are likely to be more receptive to a well designed newsletter in a language they hold dear.

For further information regarding newsletter design, call us on 01656 660877.  We are the friendliest newsletter designers in South Wales – fact. Email: to find out just how friendly we are.

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