The graphic design service in South Wales with a rapidly growing reputation

United Graphic Design is a company founded on the principles of friendliness, originality and honesty. We have rapidly built a reputation for producing strong and original graphics or website design with a thoughtful and client focused approach to deliver on all aspects of our various design disciplines.

Our web & graphic design services are covered in more detail under the following headings:

Each and every graphic, logo or website we design is one which truly encapsulates your business. We take the time to get to know you and your business, much preferring the personal approach, enabling us to create a truly original piece of work which will:

  • Capture the imagination of all who see it
  • Inspire customer confidence
  • Represent the culture and aims of your business

A simple vision – to bring you the best graphic design service in Wales

We have a talented little team here at UGD; and friendly too. We want to be renowned for providing the best graphic design service in South Wales.

Following an initial meeting to help us understand your business, we produce a clear theme and concept to represent your business in an appealing and imaginative way. Our ideas and designs put a positive spin on your business, with a constant flow of creative ideas to help you stand out from the crowd.

The beauty of our service is our ability to wow your customers in two languages. That’s right, not only can our team speak English – most of them – they can also speak Welsh. This means our personable, creative, friendly graphic design service is bilingual, ensuring you can’t escape the clutches of UGD!

To discuss any of the design services we offer here at United Graphic Design, call us on 01656 660877, or email:

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