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Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams
Ant is as unique as the work we produce. If you’ve met him, you’re sure to remember him. His enthusiasm knows no bounds and this translates throughout his design work. With over 20 years working as a graphic designer, he has an abundance of experience to call on and is never short of ideas for almost any project.

Ant loves detailed and colourful design and is usually the creative force behind our most elaborate work, although his abilities allow him to be more subtle when needed, even if he doesn’t like it!

E-mail Ant at: anthony@unitedgraphicdesign.com
Follow him on Twitter: @AntUGD

Richard Boydell

Richard Boydell
Rich is the Yin to Ant’s Yang. Quiet and consistent in both his work and personality, he combines excellently with Ant to create the balance and unity needed for the perfect working partnership. Preferring a more subtle approach to his creative work, Rich delivers a consistent service to the clients he works with whether it be for print or web design.

Rich is a fluent Welsh speaker, meaning he can easily create bilingual design work when needed.

E-mail Rich at: richard@unitedgraphicdesign.com
Follow him on Twitter: @RichUGD

Lesley Poulton

Lesley Poulton
Lesley is the nag of Ant & Rich’s lives. Her role is to liaise with clients, ensure the studio runs smoothly, manage the work schedule and to nag the design team. She is excellent at all the above – especially nagging the design team.

If you have an enquiry, Lesley is the person to contact. Please feel free to nag her.

E-mail Lesley at: lesley@unitedgraphicdesign.com


E-mail Alan at: contactus@unitedgraphicdesign.com
Follow him on Twitter: @WeAreUGD

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