Do I need a Graphic Designer?

Jul 31, 2014   //   UGD Talk

Having attended a number of networking events over the last year, it has become apparent to me the graphic design is not always at the top of the list for a number of small businesses when starting out. Understandably budgets play a key role in any business and determine what elements are affordable to you, scraping those extra pennies together to have a logo or business card designed or leaflet produced doesn’t really seem that important does it?

Well ask Nike, Coca Cola, Tesco (to name a few) if having a strong logo and brand has been beneficial to them in making their business successfully! Meeting with professional people everyday, they always advise me that having a professionally trained, qualified person to do the job is always best, if i need a leak sorting out – get a Plumber, if my accounts need doing – get an Accountant, if my car needs fixing – get a Mechanic! So why is that not the case when it comes to design??
Creating your logo, keeping your brand consistent on all marketing materials is not always as easy as it seems, its easy to use different logos templates, different fonts and different colours throughout your publicity materials, mix it up a bit! Is this going to look professional?
Graphic designers will pay close attention to the finest details to ensure that all aspects of your brand stay consistent throughout all of your marketing materials, logo, fonts, colour, size all play an equal important part in creating your brand, so having somebody that is qualified to give you that advise is crucial!

Printing is also an essential part for businesses anything from your business cards, letterheads, posters, leaflets, to large format printing such as signage. These are all aspects that are front facing to your clients and again gives visuals of your business and how professional you are. Using a designer to create ready made artwork for printing is another reason why going to the professionals is the best route, having print ready files will ensure that your end product will have a far better finish than you could have ever put together, even if you’re skilled at making things look good, a designers input can lead to a much more eye catching, appealing piece.

Designers are generally pretty good at being creative, its a passion that is driven with in them to make things look appealing and will always be willing to offer the best advise to clients on how things can be made to look better and get the most out of each project. Use the experience that designers have to create the best marketing materials that will represents your business the best way possible.

Example of graphic design sins:

1. Painfully busy
2. Too much information
3. Repetition of graphics
4. Textured Background
5. A number of different colours and fonts



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