Blast from the past

Feb 13, 2015   //   UGD Talk

blast from the past


iMac G3 have been around since 1998. Having a clean, symmetrical look made them at the time stand out from all the crowd. Not only did they stand out from the crowd with their retro look but they also came in 5 (orange, green, purple, blue and pink) different colours which added a personalise feel and look to them.

Even in 2015 these two iMac G3 still work which shows that they are for the long term and reliable.

The iMac G3 brought apple back into the market when apple wasn’t doing good when PC were the computers to have.

The iMac G3 was the beginning of Apple becoming what they are today, and the development to the iMac we have today.



The evolution of the iMac is one for the most elaborate of it’s time.

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